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Article Directory Submission – Backlink Bonanza

Submitting articles to free submission article directories and mass-distribution article services may be the most effective way to promote a website. A properly submitted article gives you highly relevant, one-way backlinks to your site. The phrase, “properly submitted article” is the key. There is some debate as to what that means. Usually, that debate comes down to whether or not to use mass-distribution services like Article Marketer. The anti-mass-distributionists contend that when search engines see so many copies of your submitted article out there, they may view it as spam (or at least spam-ish), and downgrade its ranking. They also question the mass-distributors’ ability to submit articles to relevant sites and categories, once again limiting the effectiveness of the article.

The pro-mass-distributionists argue that as long as your article is original content of good quality, and you use a reputable mass-distribution service that strictly adheres to anti-spam laws, you have nothing to fear from the search engines. They say BONANZAJP that the large number of links you get from using a good mass-distributor are predominantly from relevant sources. The few lower-quality links you get will be outshined by the many good ones.

In my very humble opinion, the most effective method of article submission lay somewhere between the pro- and anti-mass-distributionists’ perspectives. The information coming from some very successful Internet Marketers indicates that the best technique is to submit the majority of your articles to high-quality article directories, and only occasionally use a mass-distribution service. Using mass-distribution for somewhere between ten and forty percent of your articles is optimum. This gives you the best of both worlds. The article directories will give you direct traffic from long-lasting backlinks, and the mass-distributions will cast a wide net to bring more visitors to your site. Quality meets quantity.

There is no denying that article marketing is a very good way to promote your website. Finding which method makes the most of your efforts can seem like a job in itself. My experience tells me that the combination of submitting articles to article directories and the occasional utilization of mass-distribution works best.

If you want more traffic to your website, try the method I have described. Do some experimenting to find the right ratio of  submission to mass-distribution. This may depend on the niche you promote, the keywords you choose, the article directories to which you submit, and many other factors. It is true, there is some work involved if you want to increase web traffic and profits. The rewards of article marketing are phenomenal, and the price is low – usually free. Grab a pen and get started!


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