Assault Rifles

Stg44 was the first assault rifle developed in Germany during World War II. The battlefield has never been the same since this highly recognized assault rifle marched its way into the war zone. Known for speed and for powerful weaponry, the assault rifle certainly improved rifle power.

Germany may have begun the assault rifle notoriety but two other guns gathered the fame and glory. Russia produced an assault rifle which is still to this day talked about like it is some kind of king of the assault rifles. The Russian AK 47 gained more than a few nods of approval and won instant respect in the battlefields of America as well as other countries. Combat was once again changed.

Eugene Stoner put another assault rifle on the map with the American Colt M16. This assault rifle had the boys of the American 30-30 ammo 500 rounds   Military excited to use such a powerful assault rifle. The American Colt M16 and the Russian AK47 are common names heard throughout major television productions and major motion pictures on the big screens when productions are about war and themes surrounding war or violence.

Assault rifles cover the world over when combat is on the minds of the military. These rifles enable soldiers to hit a target long range and hit with more penetration. While the battle rifles were useful in their day and age, there is simply no comparison between the assault rifles and the battle rifles. Most soldiers would never even consider a battle rifle when the assault rifles are far more advanced and far more user-friendly for soldiers in combat.

Proudly, since 1967, the military of the United States has used the creation of Eugene Stower as its number one assault rifle. This gun has also been the most heavily produced weapon in the class of assault rifles. That in itself puts Stower’s assault rifle in a class of its own. The production of this rifle actually stems from other developments as early as 1957 yet the popularity and implementing of the gun in combat didn’t really start until 1967.

Assault rifles will continue to march into battle and eventually, something stronger in the class of rifles may indeed replace the AK-47 and the M16. However, militaries will always remember the pride their soldiers had when they marched into battle with the best of the best and those guns were the AK47 and the M16 guns.