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Client Management Tips in a Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency today, the greatest advantages that you can give to your clients are that of specialist property knowledge and the early information of a new property coming onto the market that may match the client’s needs or investment focus.

Some clients like to know of a good property or a good deal on the horizon. As you gain more market share you will find some of those clients that like to know of an opportunity coming up. The issue is that you need to know what they are looking for and when it will be needed.

You are the local property specialist and on that basis you can give the client that extra market intelligence to help them with selling, leasing, or buying.

Here are some rules to the process:

1. Get closer to your clients and prospects so you know exactly what they are doing or soon to be doing with their property or property portfolio.
2. Be prepared to provide the relevant up to date local property market information to your clients on a regular basis.
3. If a client needs a certain type of property or location for a property, be prepared to find it.
4. Watch the property prices and rentals so you can assess property values in today’s terms.
5. Know what is happening with the comparable properties and the local listings. That information will help you take the client to the right property changeover.
6. Keep your clients up to date with marketing trends so they know what works when it comes to marketing a property for sale or lease today.

The key to establishing great client relationships is Blossoms Condo that you are a critical part of helping them achieve their investment goals. You can do that when you specialise in an area and a property type. Your knowledge of property performance will help the client move ahead in the market.

I have spent a lot of time with key clients with great properties and future challenges; you need to be able to assess the changes in area, supply, demand, development, and tenant mix. All of those things can create a listing or property change opportunity.

Look around the local area and check out the bigger properties, the larger businesses, and the changing property precincts. You will find the top clients to serve in those areas and in the properties. Establish the key relationships that you need for the long term with those clients. That is how top agents build referral and repeat business. Over time the quality clients that they serve give those agents ongoing leads and plenty of business activity.


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