Examine the Camera Lens to Get the Best Pictures


Lenses are the most important part of the camera. This is the part that decides upon the quality and clarity of the picture that you take. Naturally, it is extremely important that you pay proper attention to the lens and its quality before purchasing a camera. There are hundreds of different types of lenses available in the market. However, whi9le picking up the right one among them, you have to consider the cost, weight, size, image quality and the lens speed. It is important therefore, that you know something about the lenses.

Almost all the camera lens comes up with multiple lens elements. Now, these elements generally aim to direct the path of the light rays in such a way as to recreate the image accurately on the digital sensor. The aim here is to minimise the aberration with the help of the least number of elements in the cheapest way.

Now, the optical aberrations take place when the points of an image don’t translate into the single point after they pass through the lens. This causes the blurring o the image as well as the reduction of contrast and misalignment of the colours, which is also known as the chromatic canon lens cheap price aberration. Another fault of the camera lens can be the radically decreased brightness of the image, or distortion. When reached extreme points, these faults can damage your picture disastrously.

Well, all the lenses seem to have these problems. However, the degree of the problem differs from one camera lens to the other. However, while choosing the right lens, you have to concentrate first on the angle of view. This is generally determined by the focal length and it tells how much magnified the subject will be. Now, the wide angle camera lens has small focal lengths. On the other hand, this is big with the telephoto lenses.

There is a belief that focal length of a camera lens also determines the perspective of the subject. But, in reality, this is determined with the location of the person in terms of the subject. However, if one wants to achieve the identical subject filling the frame in both the wide angle and telephoto camera, perspective change since one must move further or closer from the subject. Here, wide angle lens stretches perspective, while the telephoto lens compresses it.

Another important factor to consider is the perspective control. In fact, there are several factors that can change the focal length of the lens. For example, the lens of telephoto camera is more susceptible to the shakes since the little shakes get magnified in the image. Again, the wide angle lenses are more resistant to the flare since they are designed considering the effect of the sunlight within the frame. Also, with the help of the focal length, one can estimate the speed of exposure.


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