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Is it Easy to Conceive a baby Girl?

If you’re asking this question, I have to assume that you’re trying to conceive and you are pretty sure you want a baby girl. There are natural ways to achieve this. How hard the process will be will depend on a few factors, all of which can be altered and controlled. If you need to make adjustments, this is often as easy as eating different foods, and / or douching with specific solutions, or conceiving on different days. This article will discuss what you need to do to conceive a girl, and how to make the process a bit easier through education and adjustments.

The basic Equation For Having a baby Girl: Since the sperm that produce girl babies are hardier and slower moving than their boy counterparts, you’ll Mcleodganj escort services need to make some adjustments to compensate for this. To allow the weaker boy sperm a chance to die off in a hostile vaginal environment, you want to conceive about three days prior to ovulation using intercourse positions that place the sperm as far away from the cervix as possible. This gives the weaker boy sperm a longer, harder trip. The girl sperm can usually survive this. The boy sperm often can not.

It’s vitally important to be able to pinpoint your ovulation day with razor precision because if you can’t, the faster boy sperm will still be very viable, very capable, and ready to race once the egg is released. (In a race to fertilize the egg, the boy sperm would likely win. You don’t want to give them that chance when you’re trying to conceive a daughter. )

Variables That will Make Your Goal Of having A girl Easier:

  1. Successfully Predicting Ovulation: Your ability to predict your exact ovulation day will make this process much easier and more successful. I highly recommend saliva ovulation predictors as they are extremely accurate, inexpensive, and reusable.
  2. Successfully Altering Your Vaginal PH / Acidity To achieve High Levels: You absolutely need to know your exact vaginal acidity. You can easily determine this using PH testing strips. Some women are naturally alkaline (which is sometimes why having boys can run in families) and if this is you, you’ll need to either douche with specialty solutions (usually more than vinegar and water) and / or eat and avoid certain foods in a very diligent manner. Gender selection clinics sell these douche solutions for as much as $500, but there are recipes that allow you to make them at home.

Even if you are naturally pretty acidic, you will still need to tweak your PH to what is commonly called the “girl zone, ” which is a acidic environment that is high enough to contribute to the hostile environment that allows the girl sperm to thrive, but is one in which boy sperm can not. If you prefer not to douche, you can achieve this with a special PH diet, but you’ll need to be very diligent.

I do not recommend supplements like Lydia Pinkham’s or the like as it’s much more effective to get nutrients and minerals from food rather than pills, and these supplements often contain ingredients that can alter or change sex hormones (like estrogen. ) This could in turn alter your ovulation. You definitely don’t want this when trying to conceive and needing to pinpoint your ovulation very accurately.

So, How Easy Is it, Really?: As you can see, conceiving a girl is not at all hard if you know how to manipulate certain variables. It is easier if you ovulate as regularly as a clock and are naturally extremely acidic, but if you are not, you can easily overcome these obstacles with a bit of diligence, time, and education. Once you learn more about your cycle and your body’s acidity, you can make the necessary chances to greatly stack the odds in your favor of having a daughter.

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