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Marketing Your Home to Today’s Customer

Pic Me! Pic Me!

With the presence of the internet and the ability for buyers to view your home on-line prior to stepping on your front lawn, high quality pictures are of the utmost importance when promoting your homes sale. Unfortunately I often come across listings with sub par photos that look like they’ve been taken on an iPhone, or are simply too pixilated or small to show a buyer any semblance of the home. When a buyer comes across a listing with insufficient pictures they will likely ignore the home and simply click on to the next, quickly depleting your buyer base. If you are getting ready to sell or are already on the market, be sure that your agent uses professional photos that truly show your home in its best light, not doing so simply takes you out of the game. Today World Info

Video killed the radio star…

A very popular way to showcase your home is with the use of video technology. With today’s available computer software and editing programs, agents worth their salt will produce a video of your home – sometimes referred to as a Virtual Tour or as I like to call it, a Video brochure. Video can be extremely powerful when combined with music and additional information on the home. With the additional use of You Tube, Vimeo and other digital video websites, the exposure to your homes sale is greatly expanded when going this route. Making an easy and efficient way for buyers to view your home as well as offering an effortless way for them to share with loved ones, family and friends. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would you imagine a personalized video of your home is worth? If you want an edge over your competition, have your agent channel their inner Spielberg and show that home off to the world!

School Me!

Buyers in today’s market are extremely savvy. If not on their own accord, simply due to the fact that there is an abundance of information available to them at the touch of a “Siri” button. Buyers crave info, and they want it NOW! All too often I come across listings that offer little to no pertinent information on the home for sale. “Great home, seller motivated” is not going to generate much attention, and will probably be a hindrance as buyers and agents with less time on their hands then ever before don’t want to “seek out” more info. It is your agents job to inform the public as well as Realtors in the area as to what exactly your home offers. Not giving this information up front or in a clear and consistent manner simply puts you at the back of the line, waiting to be seen and wondering why the phone isn’t ringing. Take the time to inform all possible prospects by having your agent fully describe your home in a clear and honest way.


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