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Promotional Items Keep the Profits Rolling in by Giving Away Shades

One of the most basic things to give to customers is shades. Sunglasses or shades have been popular with different crowds since the seventies. Even credit card companies like Visa are giving away designer shades to draw in willing clients who would like to partake of their services.

Shades as promotional items:

What kind of exposure are we looking at when you use shades as promotional items? Maximum exposure, considering that shades are worn almost all day especially if you give them away to upwardly mobile individuals.

Target the young crowd, to make sure that you get the 롤대리 most out of your investment in the shades.

Sporty and loving it:
Sporty shades, which come in a wide range of bright colors that are appealing for both wearer and spectator, are being retailed for just £1.20 apiece. For such a low price, sporty shades have been coated with anti-ultraviolet radiation. Usually, two tones are employed to make the shades look more modern and appealing.

Minimum quantity for single orders has been fixed at five hundred, but you can probably get a better deal with the online retailers.

For the beach:
Another great variant of the regular, inexpensive shades come from product lines like Havana. The dynamic designs employed on the Havana line are fit for tropical climes. Shady and unique, these would definitely carry your advertising campaign well for months or even years.

Good news is, these shades are sold quite inexpensively by online retailers for just £0.85 each. For a minimum order of one hundred Havana shades, you can get these wonderful items for easy distribution.

Slim and cosmopolitan:
For the women, there are product lines that would be fitting for their lifestyle and basic facial structure. Since women have slimmer faces and more oval features, smaller shades with smaller lenses would suffice.

Shades like those from the Amazon line are good substitutes to the more manly versions available. Promote your business to the women with these two-tone sunglasses that only cost £0.97 each. The minimum quantity isn’t bad either; for just one hundred pairs of sunglasses, you can already begin your campaign to win new hearts and loyal customers.

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