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Should Sports Betting Be Made Legal For Under 18’s?

Once you turn 18 it is legal to walk in to your local betting shop and put money on sports. But is it really necessary to be illegal until 18? Let’s see the facts, most under aged are betting via adults, meaning friends or in some cases even their own parents.

The problem is the negative attachment to betting. Futebol on-line When speaking of betting you think of your local drunk hanging around the highstreet betting shop all afternoon and wasting his benefits. But betting is much more than that. It is a beautiful hobby, which combines your love for sports and the desire to make a little bit of money out of your sports knowledge. Most of the sports betting nowadays is done online. Not many bookmakers can survive with the business in the betting shop alone. And that’s where the teenagers come in. It is quite easy to cheat the online bookmaker into giving you an online account although under aged. So lots of youth already have an account with various online bookmakers. The possibilities on offer online are vast superior compared to the local shop. Many more type of bets can be chosen and money is spent much quicker if you don’t actually give it out of your hands.

Some newcomer start off sensibly by using the “play money option” which means only betting with fictional money or tokens or similar. But not all bookies offer a version of that. That’s why most would start off straight with the real thing. This can be very dangerous. In order to not lose the overview of your “success” I can only encourage the usage of tools like betting diaries or playing “dry” over at least 3-6 month to find a tendency. If the tendency is towards a loss after every month, than the betting behaviour needs to change before you even start thinking of putting real money on it. Online Betting communities offer a good help to get to grip with the basics of sports betting. It is strongly advised to spend some time reading through beginner guides or betting diaries of successful and experienced tipsters. These can be found in almost every . The more you read the more you learn. And after all, isn’t it much smarter to learn of the mistakes of others? Once you feel like you are ready to go, you should start playing on paper. You mustn’t start with real money. Learning by doing is the best way of getting experience. Since money is usually tight with under-aged it is even better if you don’t have to pay for these experiences with your own money.

To conclude the question whether gambling should be legal for under aged, I am saying no, it should not. Most teenagers are too “greedy”, they want too much too quick and sports betting can only be successful with lots of discipline and lots of experience. The lucky punch of a massive pay-out is usually a dream and not possible. If done right and played with the correct discipline gambling can add a little bit to your household every month, but this should not be made legal for under-aged.

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