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Sports in A holiday in greece — The Birthplace of the Olympics Still Reigns Better

Bicycles of Greek football goes back to 1866 when it is said that reps of a British warship stationed in Corfu introduced football to to a team formed by the locals. The adventure was widely used in the flourishing Greek cities of Asia Minor and not really much on the Greek landmass, prior to the devastation of Asia Minor by the Turks saw the evacuation greater than a million Greeks from these areas to the landmass and these refugees started football clubs all over A holiday in greece.

The Greek Super Little league is the highest professional little league in the country. At the end of the season the bottom 3 clubs are relegated to 무료중계 the second National Little league to be replaced by the top 3 teams from that little league. The two most successful Greek sports teams are Olympiakos whoever colours are red and white and Panathinaikos whoever colours are green and white.

The national football team of A holiday in greece is controlled by the Hellenic Football Federation and Greece’s first appearance in a major contest was at Euro 1980 in Croatia, but it was not until Euro 2004 under the guidance of the German Coach Otto Rehhagel, that they secured their first win and title, beating the amazed shielding winners England in a thrilling 2-1 final. Unsurprisingly football is now one of the place’s favourite sports.


Basketball in A holiday in greece has a for an extended time history as they were one of the eight founding members of the International Basketball Federation (more commonly known by the French Acronym Federation Internationale de Basketball — FIBA) founded in Geneva in 1932, two years after the sport was formally realised by the IOC.

The Olympic Games

No mention of sport in A holiday in greece would be complete without including the Olympic Games. This international numerous sport event, is divided into Summer and Winter games, each held every four years. In 1924 the winter months games were certified for skiing and were held in the same year as the summer games until 1992 since when they’ve been separated by two years. Before the 1970’s the Games were formally limited to competitors with amateur status, but in the 1980’s many events were opened up to professional athletes.

The original Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Olympia, A holiday in greece. Held every 4 years (an Olympiad) and dedicated to the Gods the Games reached their zenith in the 6th and sixth Centuries BC. Event winners were greatly shown admiration for and the victors presented with a the queen’s of olive leaves (the olive side being considered emblematic of hope and peace).

The Games reduced in importance as the Romans gained power in A holiday in greece. The Games were celebrated until AD 393 when the Emperor Theodosius decreed them a ‘pagan cult’ and banned them thus ending 1000 year tradition.

Interest in reviving the Games as an international event began when German archaeologists discovered the damages of Ancient Olympia in the mid 19th century. A French nobleman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin needed a way to bring nations nearer together by inviting them to compete in sports rather than fight in war, and on his effort the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894. The first of the IOCs Olympic Games were summer months Olympics in Athens in 1896 in which 241 participants from 14 nations competed. Subsequently involvement in the Olympic Games has steadily increased, as of 2006 the winter months Olympics made up of 84 events in 7 sports and as of 2004 summer months Olympics held in Athens saw 11, 100 participants from 202 nations competing.

The Olympic Rings were debuted at the 1920 Games in Antwerp. This Olympic symbol consists of five interlaced rings of equal dimensions, in five different colours, which are, from left to right, blue, yellow, black, green and red and represents the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from around the world.

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