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Storage Boxes – Tips on How to Use Cardboard Storage Boxes

In the previous article I discussed about the importance and uses of the storage boxes. In this article we would specifically discuss few things about the cardboard storage boxes and how we can efficiently use them in our daily life.

There is no place on earth where you won’t find anyone using cardboard boxes. Its because of the popularity these boxes have gained in the entire world. Use of cardboard boxes came into practice right from Henry Ford’s time, and ever since then, cardboard storage boxes have been used for every little and big purpose.

Guidelines for buying the Storage Boxes: Cardboard Boxes

Here are some guidelines that you could probably can keep in mind when you think of maintenance and usage of these boxes.

  • When you are out in the market to buy a few cardboard boxes for your purpose, its best not to buy wet boxes, it might be even ‘wet long time back’ type of wetting too, but still prefer to choose the boxes which are completely dry and non-moist.
  • Choose boxes that have good close-able lids. In case of many cardboard boxes, box can be closed by closing the flaps of the box in an inter tangled manner.
  • Before you pay money for hundreds of boxes, make sure that the boxes aren’t damaged at any place. You can check this by holding the box against to any light source and verifying if there is any leakage of light. Its bad custom cd cabinets if there are small holes in it, because in due time these would get bigger and reduce the effective life span of your cardboard box.
  • Its very easy to get confused when you are choosing the cardboard boxes, thus make sure you don’t pick the cardboard boxes that have aged, it is because these boxes would have lost the strength to withstand weight and pressure, and would have suffered a lot of shock during its previous usage. Avoid buying these kind of storage boxes.
  • There is an easy way to acquire good quality and quantity of storage boxes, its by keeping a check on what you throw to dust bin. Many a times we receive home parcels and home deliveries, and those deliveries come packed in the storage boxes, and we usually end up throwing those cardboard boxes. If you find that box is in a good reusable condition, you can open up the box to a flat pose and store it in either your garage or attic which later can be used when need be.

Guidelines for handling the Storage Boxes: Cardboard Boxes

  • Remember to keep a set of brown tapes always beside you because when you’re dealing with the cardboard boxes, there is one thing that you shouldn’t fall short of, and that is tapes.
  • While storing the boxes, don’t store them in the open pose, its better to open them in a flat pose, and put them in a polythene cover and then store them.
  • Its very easy for cardboard boxes to be attacked and eaten away by cockroaches and rats and get infected by lizards. Thus it is very good practice to store the storage boxes with few naphthalene balls and pest repellents.
  • Do not fold the cardboard boxes where there is no folding done before. This is because, unnecessary folding of the storage boxes at random place makes the walls of the box weak.
  • Never ever wet the storage boxes if you are planning to use them again in future. Even if you get it wet once, it would prove harmful to the storage box.

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