The Best Golf Clubs For a Left Handed Golfer

Left-handed golf clubs may be an exception to the rule of mass market manufacture of golf clubs in general; however, left-handed golf club design and its production are being honed as I write and as you read this article. It is not quite as simple as a reversal of the right-handed clubs. For example, club manufacture(for lefties) is not similar to designing a guitar, whereby designers simply craft a mirror image of the musical instrument. Left-handed golf clubs Vclubshop are more akin to left-handed writing instruments, like fountain pens. Due to the fact that lefties are forced to push their pens across the paper from a different angle than righties, using a right-handed fountain pen results in poor ink flow and scratching nibs for lefties. To improve the game for lefties, the clubs must be designed to prevent unintended effects on the golf ball upon swing.

Since golf is a precision game, golf clubs are now more precisely fitted to those golfers with a left-handed stance. Much more research has been performed to cater to the subtle differences that lefties possess. Lefties possess different swing styles, different body positions, different angles of approach, and different grips. This means that shaft lengths, shaft flex, lofts, and center of gravity will be slightly different for lefties. The golf club manufacturers will have taken care of these for left-handed golfers; your job is to find the right fit of clubs.

Shaft Length

Golf club shaft lengths are extremely important for achieving Vclubshop natural and comfortable form while setting up shots, performing backswings, front swings and follow-throughs. Make sure that the left-handed golf club is long enough so that you can stand comfortably with the clubface touching the ball; you should not have to bend over too far or stand up too straight when using your clubs.

Clubface Loft Angle

The clubface loft angle of these clubs should fit with your own natural swing style. Generally speaking, the higher the angle of the loft, the higher the ball will fly and the less distance you will achieve. Whatever your swing speed and strength, you will need to find the right angle to achieve the proper balance between distance and height. For more distance, perhaps a lower angled loft will help you attain more yardages.

Shaft Flex

Shaft flex means how bendable the shaft is. A more flexible shaft will help you attain a more powerful swing, as the actual club is dynamic. The club moves on its own when you swing, propelling the ball with more power than if the shaft was inflexible. Vclubshop With a stiff shaft, the most power comes from the golfer him or herself.