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What Does a High Voltage Detector Do?

Working with electrical currents requires caution to prevent injuries and incidents. Safety precautions should be taken, including the monitoring of voltage during a work assignment.

A high voltage detector is an item Bug Detector that was designed to warn professionals about the presence of high voltage in a particular area. How a high voltage detector works, is the radiated electrical field will increase with the line voltage but then will start to decrease with distance or when there is shielding. When an electrical field is first detected normally, a sound enunciator, or a very high pitch, high powered buzzer and visual indicators normally composed of bright LED lights are generated, this gives off a loud and stern warning to the operator of live conductors, thus preventing an injury or saving the life of anyone else who may be working nearby.

The high voltage detector can be used both inside and outside of anyone’s home. It usually has a panel meter on it so the operator can tell exactly what is happening to the volts and their interaction with the equipment. A high voltage detector is helpful to have when installing new light fixtures, outlet plugs or switches into a home. By using the high voltage detector this will be able to make sure that it is properly installed and also make sure that the user is safe from harm’s way. Most of these are electronic detectors that are used to detect all types of HTB voltage absence up to the 735kV. They are fitted with electronics integrated by using miniature gas-filled spark type gaps. The performance value of these products are very high, particularly in the case of very high induction of volts and any type of high frequency electrical force fields on the site. These detectors are helpful, because the user can see the actual volts without having to actually touch or to see if the volts will spark before working with.

These detectors normally run off of a nine volt battery and sometimes may come with a battery that is capable of being re charged. The detectors will normally show the actual volts of the electrical force that is being worked with to give a general idea of what can be wired to the device, such as a light or lamp. There are several types or designs of voltage detectors that can be purchased. These detectors can be purchased at a hardware store or can be bought online.

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